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The LinkedIn Branding Book: The Power of Two: How to Double Your Personal and Business Brand for Exponential Growth by #MichelleSquared, Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond, is now available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and hardcover editions. PLUS, a 50-page action-taking (online fillable) companion Brand Squared Workbook™ included with the book.



This isn’t an ordinary branding book or business book, for that matter. The LinkedIn Branding Book is more. This compilation is our invitation to support you in investing and profiting from your unlimited potential through the power of LinkedIn.

Inside, you’ll discover the power of putting yourself out there and the foundational branding steps you need to stand out and rise up on LinkedIn, either as an employee or a business.

Think of #MichelleSquared as empowering yet straight talk experts, guiding you to build a personal or business brand that is uniquely and proudly yours.The LinkedIn Branding Show, our highly regarded weekly podcast, comes to life on these pages. You’ll find interactive episodes with actionable takeaways threaded in with the stories and lessons that will deliver real results.

Throughout, you will be guided by our personal perspectives, our decades of sales and marketing knowledge, and our first-hand experiences building LinkedIn brands on a global scale.

The LinkedIn Branding Book is here to fast-track and ensure your success. You can skip the mistakes we made, avoid frustration, and move forward confidently and convincingly with your refined LinkedIn personal and business brand. Come along for the journey with the Power of #MichelleSquared, the Power of LinkedIn and the Power of Good Brands and Good Businesses.

If you are looking to invest in the success of you and your business, we wrote this book for you.

Michelle B Griffin & Michelle J Raymond AKA #MichelleSquared

The LinkedIn Branding Book


Brand Squared System™ Workbook

We don't just want you to read the book, but read it and take action. Included with your book purchase is the 50-page companion Brand Squared System™ Workbook (download or fill out online) where we walk you through each stage Book + action = growth.



Come join our happy readers on The Global Good Wall who are using The Power of Two. Send us your picture with the book for a feature on our site. Together, we're making an impact for good on LinkedIn and beyond. 


Book Reviews

"The LinkedIn Branding Book is THE guide to succeeding with your personal brand and business brand on LinkedIn. The book guides you through the what how and why of building a brand on LinkedIn. It's is more than just a book, you also have access to a downloadable workbook AND dedicated podcast episodes so you get a really immersive experiences. A very actionable book with very personal touches and stories weaved in. Thank you MICHELLE B. GRIFFIN and Michelle J Raymond for sharing such a wonderful book with the world. Very highly recommended."
I can't speak highly enough about this book on building personal and business branding on LinkedIn. It's a rare gem that manages to be both practical and substantive while remaining incredibly easy to read. The authors' combined expertise shines through, offering valuable and actionable takeaways in every chapter -- blending two related but separate areas of insight into a much greater whole. I've learned strategies that I immediately implemented, and more to ponder on, build, and execute. Whether you're an entrepreneur, professional, or business marketer, this book is an excellent investment in your success. And, by the way, follow both of the authors on LinkedIn--that is an equally valuable way to uplevel your professional game too!
"Massive HELL-YEAH to Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond for their no-nonsense book on amplifying your brand on LinkedIn! The LinkedIn Branding Book is a must-read for anyone looking to gain some eyeballs for their brand. Truth is, there are so many books I pick up, read a chapter or two, then put it aside. (Some I never pick up again.) I read this in one sitting and I'm already referring to it so I can up my LinkedIn game! Kudos #MichelleSquared for a well-written, much-needed guide on crushing the platform.

The LinkedIn Branding Book is a must have for your business bookshelf! I had the privilege of reading an ARC and devoured the book in a few hours. There is so much packed into this book which is brilliantly supplemented with podcast episodes that dive deeper into the specific topic. Both Michelle B. Griffin and Michelle J. Raymond are exceptionally skilled at what they do and perfectly complement one another. This is reflected in the way The LinkedIn Branding Book brings together a tactical approach with real and relatable personal experiences from both the authors. The marriage of their Brand DNA is strong indeed!

"This easy-to-read book includes clear action items that everyone can take. There will be no need to hesitate or contemplate; you will take the action and make progress. Whether you are a “plan everything out” or “jump right in kind of person”, you will be able to relate to the stories and experiences of both authors. They share their own experiences clearly and with full transparency. They are easy to relate to and leave you feeling empowered to act for your own personal or business brand. To help make sure you take the actions you need to take, they even include access to a workbook."
"The LinkedIn Branding Book is an easily digestible book for the elevation of your career and/or business. Being an active member of the LinkedIn community, I was thrilled to be able to read and review an ARC.  A concise presentation of the how, why and what the contemporary Linkedin platform has to offer and how you can take advantage of the benefits. 
Jammed-packed insightful dialogue, actionable steps, links to more value and a workbook make this book an exceptional value. The dual insights from Michelle B Griffin (personal brand) and Michelle J. Raymond (business pages) multiply the value this book provides, the power of #MichelleSquared as they have coined. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, get one, and get this book. If you have one, get this book and get going. If you don't, you are missing a huge professional opportunity."
"I just finished reading The LinkedIn Branding Book and my first impression is that this is clearly so, so much more than a collection of LinkedIn posts in a binding.Many “influencers” repackage their social media content into blogs and then turn those blogs into books — but not #MichelleSquared. Their depth of expertise is apparent in every paragraph. The substance is sublime, and the the delivery is divine. Equal parts frank and friendly, the two Michelles have stuck the perfect balance between having zero fluff and leaving no stone unturned.In a world of lackluster, self-published, how-I-did-it-and-you-can-too advice, Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond deliver a masterpiece on why branding is important, how it works, and what you need to do to get it right."
"A MUST-READ for anyone who wants to boost their personal and business brands on LinkedIn. Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond provide meaningful, detailed, and impactful tools, resources, and strategies in this book that will help you boost your brand and gain confidence in doing so. Their framework and approach is interesting and fun to read and learn about. This book will be in my toolbox for years to come!"
"Branding is such a buzzword these days.  Navigating through the trial and error of branding can be both time consuming and frustrating. The Linkedin Branding Book shares with you what each of the Michelle’s went through during their branding journey…both what worked and didn’t work. Why go through all of those pains yourself, when you can learn from Michelle G and Michelle R's book highlights not only how to build a personal brand, but also a company brand on LinkedIn. There are so many nuggets that I wish I had known before I started my journey. Would have saved me a lot of time. Thank you to #MichelleSquared for your wisdom. Not a buzzword anymore when you know what it is and how to build it."
"While there are many books out there on LinkedIn strategy, this one is a “can’t miss,” especially for those of you still a bit newer, uncertain and even fearful of what to do when getting started.

The co-authors of the newly-released "The LinkedIn Branding Book," MICHELLE B. GRIFFIN and Michelle J Raymond (a.k.a. #MICHELLESQUARED) know plenty about establishing themselves and their personal/professional brands.

And not only have they each achieved their own successes, but they also collaborated from two different continents to co-author this book and share their journey of getting up and running in the spirit of empowering others to do the same. I’m WOWED by them, their story, and best of all, I can attest to how they’re good people I’m blessed to have gotten to know over the past couple of years and call friends (you guessed it – as a result of LinkedIn)!

As a tiny taste, Chapter 1 digs into MINDSET, being intentional and conquering our fears in all things. Especially when it comes to limiting beliefs that no one will appreciate our value as what we share has “it’s all been done before” and “feel like I’m an imposter.”

Because I passionately feel we all have a voice and our own spin to offer in all things and constantly talk/post/share on this, I appreciate this pink-covered reminder even more and will value it as GOLD. "
"Was delighted to receive an authorized Advanced Reader Copy of The LinkedIn Branding Book. The co-authors did an excellent job of outlining the importance of getting your brand right on LinkedIn... and then following up with an easy peasy roadmap to get the job done right. Especially loved the free bonus workbook that comes with every purchase. An incredibly generous gift.

Whether you're a business owner, job seeker, or employee, a well defined and executed brand on LinkedIn helps you stand out from the competition. Which is why this book is a must read for both LinkedIn newbies and veterans."
So many great takeaways from this book, where do I begin? What’s great about this one? It's really making me drill down into the questions I need answers to right now.

✅ You get a real sense of the authentic humans behind this work, and the love they have for what they do – helping you find your brand and be it, out there, proud, for all to see, here on LinkedIn. 

✅ There’s an excellent downloadable workbook – really useful. 

✅ There are links to relevant podcast episodes as well, to back up what you’re reading. (If you haven’t yet subscribed to The LinkedIn Branding Show podcast, you should. It’s good.)

✅ There are tons of practical tips for getting the max from this great platform.

So, basically, it's a refreshingly honest, step-by-step guide on how to do it, and do it all WELL. ✅ ✅ ✅

#MichelleSquared – thanks a whole bunch. This is definitely NOT an ordinary branding book. And it really demonstrates, powerfully, how crucial it is to find, not just your WHY, but your TRIBE. Because everything's better when you've done that. 👏🏼

This is me, doing one small thing every day to get s**t done. Finally. 🥂

Want to get stuff done? You totally need this book! 💕

In an age where "#branding" is the buzzword for making a difference in your #jobsearch and #careerpath, this book is invaluable. Authors Michelle J Raymond and Michelle B Griffin (known together as "Michelle Squared") share their personal stories about how #LinkedIn helped them with their career journeys and branding success and show you how you can do the same.

To be clear, this isn't just another book about LinkedIn, all of its features, and how to use it, although they do touch on those subjects. This guide goes deeper, showing you how to discover your own branding story, define your target audience and clients, and develop the most effective #content. Perhaps most importantly, they emphasize how you must use "the power of two," your personal profile and your company page, to get exponential results. And as a bonus, the book includes a downloadable workbook so that you can answer questions as you read along, as well as QR codes to listen to episodes of their "LinkedIn Branding Show" podcast.

I can tell you that reading this and listening to the show have helped me tremendously in a short amount of time. If you're serious about taking your career to a new level, it will help you, too.



The top-ranked podcast, The LinkedIn Branding Show, hosted by #MichelleSquared, Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond, empowers professionals, entrepreneurs, experts, and small business owners to stand out and rise up as they build personal and business brands on LinkedIn. New episodes drop every Thursday on your favorite podcast platform.

The LinkedIn Branding Show Podcast

what people say

Podcast Reviews

“Great advice from great givers of actionable advice, a hallmark of what I look for in a podcast. Thanks to #MichelleSquared and The LinkedIn Branding Show, I have focused more on defining and staying in my niche. In the last several months now, I have been getting referrals from those who have worked with me through my short course or directly - and they are all referrals I can and want to help.”  


“I love this podcast because Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond give real tangible advice. They are experts and share their experiences, including their mishaps and wins. What I love the most, they end each show with an action you can take. A go-to LinkedIn resource.”  


“Excellent discussion about LinkedIn by best friends who come at the platform from different angles, with Michelle B Griffin representing personal profiles and Michelle J Raymond is bigging up Company Pages. Nice work!” 


“I like both of these ladies’ content separately, but together? Wow! That’s all I can say. Their knowledge complements one another so well. Although they are both clearly advanced in LinkedIn knowledge, Michelle G comes at it from an individual perspective, while Michelle R is all about companies. This podcast is well thought out, and every episode is like a mini consultation someone would easily pay hundreds of dollars for. Please bookmark this podcast, as it is entertaining, valuable, and can make you money! Five stars for The LinkedIn Branding Show!




Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond met on LinkedIn through the power of commenting in December 2020. Together they have supported each other with complimentary yet different strengths to rise up and stand out on LinkedIn with their personal branding and business branding businesses. Both quickly realized that the “Power of Two” as #MichelleSquared was a force for good that would propel success more than what was possible on their own.

The LinkedIn Branding Community was launched in early 2022 as a LinkedIn Audio show followed by their podcast and book that showcases their Brand Squared System™ methodology to pay these lessons forward. Their mission is to bond together powerful and impact-driven professionals who are building successful brands and businesses to rise up and stand out on LinkedIn and beyond.



Join Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond, aka #MichelleSquared, for fun events, real conversations and actionable takeaways with a community of powerful and impact-driven professionals ready to rise up and stand out on LinkedIn as a powerful force of good.

The LinkedIn Branding Community by #MichelleSquared

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We don't hold back and share honest and real takeaways, examining the often talked about LinkedIn clichés with fresh insights and perspectives.

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No one has time for long and boring episodes. We make it fun with easy steps to grow on LinkedIn, exactly what we teach our LinkedIn clients.

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You're never alone — we're cultivating a global and growing community of those wanting to grow good brands and good businesses on LinkedIn.


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Michelle #1

The Personal Brand Builder

MICHELLE B. GRIFFIN aka The Brand Therapist℠ is a personal branding and PR strategist, speaker and author who has devoted her career to connecting people, growing communities, and building brands.

With her 7-step branding framework, BrandGPS,™ she teaches experts worldwide to clearly communicate their story, confidently share their message and positively grow their authority and businesses with thought leadership brands that make a statement and make a difference.

Michelle brings two decades in communications and marketing and a master's degree in PR to her brand consultancy, BRANDthority, where she consults and coaches clients worldwide. She is a frequent guest contributor and sought-after speaker on the power of putting yourself out there, impact-driven personal branding, and LinkedIn thought leadership and community building.

Michelle is the host of Ask The Brand Therapist.℠ a top-ranked personal branding podcast by Feedspot, and co-host of the top-ranked LinkedIn Branding Show podcast with listeners and fans worldwide.

Community is an important part of Michelle’s mission to serve others. She is the founder of The #365 Creators, a LinkedIn personal branding community of 1,600+ global professionals and also volunteers for several nonprofit, civic and professional organizations at local and national levels.

Outside of work you can find Michelle enjoying the outdoors of sunny Florida with her husband and three children. She is an avid animal and nature evangelist, drinks insane amounts of hot tea and is always on the hunt for unique vintage/mid-century finds and tasty gluten-free treats on her travels.

Learn more at


The Business Brand Builder

MICHELLE J RAYMOND is the Founder and LinkedIn B2B Trainer, and Strategist at Good Trading Co. She works globally with companies of all sizes on organic strategy execution and practical implementation of successful LinkedIn B2B marketing, community building and employee advocacy programs for business growth. 

A recognized LinkedIn Company Page expert, Michelle is a founding member of the LinkedIn Pages Small Business Advisory Council, where she works directly with the LinkedIn Pages team to test new features and offer feedback for the direction of Pages for business. In addition, Michelle is the international best-selling co-author of the world’s first book on LinkedIn Company Pages, “Business Gold: Build Awareness, Authority and Advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages.” 

With over two decades of B2B sales and leadership roles, Michelle is passionate about teaching modern social selling techniques using the best of LinkedIn Company Pages, Profiles, and content on LinkedIn. Her clients appreciate Michelle’s ability to deliver training to all levels of business in an easy-to-understand and fun way.

She shares this knowledge as the host of the LinkedIn Live podcast “The Good for Business Show,” co-host of “The LinkedIn Branding Show” podcast and a successful YouTube channel @GoodTradingCo.

Michelle especially enjoys working with purpose-driven businesses to scale their message to make an impact. Her passion is to change the world by doing “Good Business with Good People.”

Learn more at