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The LinkedIn Branding Show Podcast

The LinkedIn Branding Show empowers women entrepreneurs, experts, and small business owners to stand out and rise up as they build personal and business brands on LinkedIn.Join your hosts, Michelle B. Griffin and Michelle J. Raymond, aka #MichelleSquared, for fun and real conversations plus actionable takeaways with a community of powerful and amazing women business owners looking to grow with a "good together" approach to personal brand and business branding.

Candid Conversations and Real-life Lessons

We don't hold back and share honest and real takeaways, exactly what we teach our LinkedIn clients.

Actionable Takeaways You Can Easily Implement

No one has time for long and boring episodes. We make it fun with easy steps to grow on LinkedIn.

Community of Support for Women in Business

You're never alone — we're cultivating a global community of women growing on LinkedIn.


Michelle B. Griffin

Michelle B. Griffin is an international personal branding and PR strategist who has devoted her career to connecting people, growing communities, and building brands. Through her personal branding and public relations consultancy, BRANDthority, she equips subject-matter experts with the training they need to increase their visibility and enhance their reputation while making an impact and profit from their expertise. She is a frequent speaker, guest contributor, and host of The Business of You Personal Branding Podcast, with clients and listeners across the globe.

Michelle B. Griffin
Michelle J. Raymond


Michelle J. Raymond

Michelle J Raymond is a globally recognized expert on LinkedIn Company Pages and Business Growth Strategist. Through her company Good Trading Co. she shares her 15+ years of sales and almost 10 years of social selling on LinkedIn experience to help small business owners stand out and attract opportunities to grow their business.


Helping Women in Business Stand Out to Rise up on LinkedIn and Beyond

Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond met on LinkedIn through the power of commenting in December 2020. Together we have supported each other with our complimentary yet different strengths to rise up on LinkedIn and in our own businesses.Both quickly realized that the “Power of Michelle Squared” was a force that would propel our business success more than what was possible on our own.The LinkedIn Branding Show has been created to pay these lessons forward and create a community of powerful and amazing women business owners who are building successful businesses in 2022 and beyond.The LinkedIn Branding Show podcast teaches women entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and business owners how to use personal and business branding on LinkedIn to win dream clients and land opportunities outside of the often talked about LinkedIn clichés.

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